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87356A1 Gimbal Ring Assembly $Discontinued
Fits Model 120/140 (1967-1969) Serial Number 2062141 thru 2791956
Also fits Models 888 (1971-1977), Model 120/140 (1970-1977 with top limit switch)
The Original Part Number 45515A2 Ring Assembly supercedes to
77371A1 Gimbal Ring Assembly which supercedes to 87356A1 (above)

This older style gimbal ring uses the press-in hinge pins.
It has a splined upper steering shaft hole and the Trim Limit Switch
is located at the top of the gimbal ring.

Please note: The old splined/splined upper steering shaft is no longer manufactured.
You will have to reuse your old spline/spline upper steering shaft.

88302A1 Gimbal Ring Kit $1045.00
Fits Model 898 and 228 (1977) with threaded hinge pins.
Also fits 120/140 (1978-1982), 120/140 (1970-1977), 165 (1978-1981),
165 (1970-1977), 225S (1974), 233 (1975-1977), 260 (1978-1982), 470 (1978-1982),
485 (1980-1982), and 898 (1978-1982) all with threaded hinge pins.

Original Part Number 77124A2 Gimbal Ring supercedes to 88302A1 Gimbal Ring Kit.
This Kit includes the upper steering shaft (square/splines) and Ujoint Bellows.
This ring uses the Trim Sender Switches mounted to both sides.

This new Gimbal Ring will have a square hole at the top.

94993A12 Gimbal Ring $1165.00
Fits R, MR, Alpha One (1983-1990)
Replaces the type of gimbal ring that has the square top hole
and threaded hinge pins with side mounted Trim Senders.

865328A01 Gimbal Ring Alpha One Generation II $950.00
Fits Alpha One Gen II Gimbals (1988 and up).
The original part number was 816461A2 which supercedes to 865328A01.
This new style Design II Gimbal Ring has no grease zity fittings as it
comes with bushings where the hinge pins fit.

822374A14 Changes to 8M0062440 Bravo Gimbal Ring $1680.00
The original Bravo Gimbal Rings were part number 44211A2.
Part 44211A2 superceded to part 822374A4 which s/s to 822374A14.
Fits Magnum Transom and SmartCraft Transom (not SeaCore).

822374A17 Bravo High Performance Gimbal Ring $1720.00
The original HP Gimbal Ring was part 822374A3 which changed 822374A7.
Part 822374A7 changes to part 822374A17.
This High Performance Gimbal Ring has the fat stainless hinge pins.

866456A01 Changes to 8M0063519 Bravo Gimbal Ring (SeaCore) $1450.00
Fits Bravo One, Bravo Two and Bravo Three SeaCore Models

8M0057395 TR/TRS Gimbal Ring $Discontinued
The original TRS Gimbal Ring was part 42385A8 which changed
to the new part 8M0057395 with a square hole for the steering shaft.

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